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Japan|Japanese Beauty Brand ORBIS is Rebranding its Logo

Oct 31, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Japanese cosmetics brand, ORBIS published a new brand concept on Aug. 2 this year called, "naturally beautiful". With the renewal of the brand concept, ORBIS will also carry out its rebranding by replacing the brand logo, and the brand's representative colour. On Oct. 11, the brand's online store was fully updated, along with the publishing of future magazines and the opening of new concept stores.

In the current fierce competition in the cosmetics industry of Japan, ORBIS has re-examined the gradual thinning brand value, and is carrying out new product developments and services in order to create a feminine beauty no longer bound by old-fashioned ideas. The new concept of the brand “naturally beautiful” is to support the modern women that are working and who embraces the future by creating natural confidence. The previous brand representative colour, light blue, has been updated to a transparent universal black using a simple Gothic typeface.