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Japan|“Made In Japan” Prestigious Shoe Manufacturer,「madras」Accelerates Expansions Overseas

Dec 18, 2018.Manabu TakamuraTokyo, JP
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Toshiomi Iwata・Director of Corporate Planning Dept.

Japanese shoe manufacturer Madras Inc. recently began offering its men's shoes at "Siam Takashimaya" which opened on Nov. 10 this year in the large complex of "ICONSIAM" in Bangkok, Thailand. Following the opening store in Hong Kong’s department store, Sogo in 2017, the brand now has a total of two flagships overseas. In November, Madras participated in the "1st Shanghai International Exhibition" which aired on Chinese state-owned CCTV. "After the program, sales in Hong Kong Sogo tripled from the previous year.” says Toshiomi Iwata, Director of Corporate Planning Dept.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021, Madras Inc. has had a long historical backdrop as a shoe manufacturer known for its high-end men's shoes brand, "madras". In 2002, they launched a high-performance brand, "madras Walk" featuring GORE-TEX fabrics materials, keeping its standards of craftsmanship exclusively “Made in Japan”. Unbound to conventional means, the brand has continued its exploration in new found areas that expands to their sneaker brand “JADE” which was established in 2013 that focuses on the street dance scene.

Madras company-owned factory is located in Aichi prefecture. “The factory is certified by GORE-TEX as one out of the only two designated companies approved in Japan. More than half of at least 25 processed footwear are tailored by hand using the Mckay method that we’ve perfected, along with our luxury shoes created by the Goodyear and cement method constructed by our craftsmen.” explains Mr. Iwata.

In particular, the order-made shoes constructed at the head office factory show the very essence of a skilled craftsmen. In the system called “MOSS” (madras order shoes system), the foot is accurately measured first and is then faithfully reproduced as a wooden pattern. Clients can select from thousands of combinations that offering 4,000 designs, the type of manufacturing method, leather finishing and colours. Sneakers are also customizable using a dizzying combination of more than 6 trillion different patterns to choose from.

The brand has kept a steady position by establishing its flagship store in the luxury streets of  Ginza while envisioning it’s horizons overseas. Exhibiting Japanese prowess in high-end shoemaking, we’ll be seeing more assertive expansions in the future.

Tsukasa Okawa・Factory Manager

Hidemitsui Ishimoto · Meister shoe craftsman