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Japan|New Concept Hotels Open in Tokyo, including "MUJI HOTEL" and "Mustard"

Apr 16, 2019.Kaho ItoTokyo, JP
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On April 4, MUJI HOTEL GINZA finally opened in Japan within the luxury districts of Ginza. With the concept of “anti-gorgeous and anti-earthquake”, the hotel allows guests to experience a comfortable sleep at a moderate price, while relaxing physically and mentally while on the road. Not only that, but in order to welcome the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games next year, hotels in the city center are growing rapidly. Among them, new lifestyle hotels have appeared one after another. Where new lifestyles begin to emerge is of interest, but such a hotel may be the key to an open era compared to the retail and catering industries. Hotel information is summarized below:

List of New Concept Hotels Opened in Recent Years