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Japan|Panasonic's Innovative Beauty and Home Grooming Appliances

Aug 29, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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It’s known that Japanese electronic manufacturers are suffering from being replaced by China and other developing countries. Sanyo Denki, which was acquired by Panasonic, disappeared and Sharp which was acquired by Hong Hai Precision Industry Group (aka Foxconn) of Taiwan are examples of such. How can we escape the onslaught? Panasonic seems to be providing a good example with its beauty electronics.

With the latest nanotechnology such as the ion effecter (facial equipment), a variety of massage equipments, epilation gadgets, hair dryers that create smooth silky hair by generating 1000 times more ion, humidifiers, etc. There are a lot of products based on the ion nanotechnology that’s backing most of the beauty gadgets. Last September, a four-story "Panasonic Beauty Salon" opened at Ginza 5-chome district. It’s been a year already, and still appointments can hardly be booked. This salon allows guests to fully experience Panasonic's beauty appliances and not to mention, a high priced 8000 yen (US$ 72*) approximate facial essence that’s sold alongside the beauty equipment.

Fuji Film's Asta Lift can be cited as a recent example of a successful entry into the cosmetics market from a different industry, however Panasonic Beauty also proves that it’s success is capable of permeating into a different realm.  

Although Panasonic wasn’t beauty appliance originated, it began as a company that sold household appliances, or for a better description -- grooming appliances. This year in March, it came out with its garment steamer that fixes clothing wrinkles in a jiffy by ironing clothes on hangers and in August, a device that deodorized shoes. Both a decent start.

Although sales reports of nationwide department store sales in July were seeing a negative outlook in recent announcements. Most stores had reduced revenue compared to the previous year due to the hot weather and the number of days on Saturdays being less than one, thus decreasing in revenue. Surprisingly, cosmetic products have achieved sales growth for 40 consecutive months with the support of foreign inbound buyers. It’ll be interesting to see how Panasonic will cut into these promising markets.

*1 JPY = 0.00900129 US (as of August 29 2018)