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Japan | TOKYO BASE and FACTOTUM’s Capital Cooperation Has Been Canceled?

Sep 4, 2018.Ichiro KumegawaTokyo, JP
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The brand company LOSCHILD, launched by FACTOTUM ( Koji Udo, the general manager and designer of the company), and the brand integration store company TOKYO BASE (TSE) canceled the capital cooperation signed on June 30 last year. FACTOTUM repurchased the shares of its own company originally held by TOKYO BASE (49% of the total shares). At this time last year, the stock price rose to 2,000 yen and continued. TOKYO BASE, due to the slight increase in revenue in the first quarter of this year (March to May), stock price plummeted and fell to around 500 yen (currently 700 yen little or more). I always feel that TOKYO BASE's investment in FACTOTUM has caused the company to operate in desperation, giving the impression that the company has entered a state of chaos. In addition, TOKYO BASE last August also carried out a capital cooperation with SOSU, who operates "Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO". It’s hard to say how things will develop from here on out. In any case, how the company will sort out the settlement before the release of the second quarter year (March to August) will be a big plus.