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China|Tmall Appoints CG Model as Ambassador Who Attended Tokyo’s Valentino Show

Nov 30, 2018.Xueqing DingBeijing, CN
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Not long ago, we reported that French fashion house Balmain launched 3 virtual CG models for their 2018 pre-fall campaign. CG models are increasingly playing an important role in the current social networks, brand endorsements, cross-border co-operations, and celebrity social events, and is now signing a contract with the company. Recently, virtual model, noonoouri announced her signed contract with China’s Alibaba operated on her own Instagram account. The first job that Tmall sent her was to fly to Tokyo to participate in the Valentino show. According to Alibaba's corporate culture, each employee will have a nickname which she decided to called as "Nunu". In the pre-fall show of Valentino 2019, she not only sat in the front row to watch the show, but also took snapshots with various celebrities. This is also a promotional event that Valentino had included with Tmall Mall on Nov. 27.

Noonoouri is 18 years old, 150cm tall and lives in Paris. The brands she has worked with include Dior, Saint Laurent, Versace, Nike, Supreme and many more. Carine Roitfeld, who was originally editor of VOGUE in France, supported noonoouri's fame and publicity. They sat together as friends to "eat breakfast" and also appeared on the cover of the magazine "Figaro". In the Dior show held in Paris on May 25 this year, noonoouri took over the official account of Dior and released various drafts related to the show. She also spoke for Dior's beauty line. Although she is a person who has been virtually created, she seems to be doing a rather well as a Influencer. Such avatars seem to play an increasingly important role in the future fashion circle.