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Japan|24 Hour Bridal Ring Vending Machine and Other Nicknacks: JAM HOME MADE

Dec 4, 2018.Stephanie WuTokyo, JP
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Founded in 1998, JAM HOME MADE is a Japanese brand that offers customizable silver accessories, bridal rings and leather goods with a hint of satire and whimsicality every season. Items whether original or collaborated narrates a story line to create a solid connection between the wearer for an overall meaningful purchase. The company’s HQ moved to Sendagaya in March this year, and it’s unique storefront has a 24 hour bridal ring vending machine alongside a iron bar design that has chained “love” padlocks reminiscent of the Pont des Arts in Paris. If there’s anything you’d want out of Tokyo, this is one place to visit.

JAM HOME MADE RING” is the brand’s popular DIY coiled couple rings that was released on November 22. The gift packaging comes in a crafted paper house containing two rings and a wooden chimney used as a ring mandrel for adjusting according to finger size. The bottom of the wooden chimney also serves as a stamp which is customizable at the shop.

Another popular item is the "NAMELESS RINGS" kit which received the Good Design Award in 2016. The kit comes in a box with 8 rings, a wooden hammer, a ring mandrel, and a size gauge again with the DIY concept of hammering the malleable rings to create for your loved ones, friends and family.

For next year of spring and summer 2019, takes waffle fish-shaped filled red bean paste street vendor food "TAIYAKI" splitting it in half to create an adorable earring. The half split snack represents a cliché seen in sappy romantic soap operas where couples would huddle to share said treat. It’s endearing with its red bean filling and half eaten detail.

"HOTEL KEY-HOLDER" is a throwback to Japan in the 80s and their clunky hotel keys. Nowadays, electronic cards have replaced the regalia of the past, however this has been updated using acrylic with an all new cheeky “YES” and “NO” engraved on to the sides as a shout out to an old Japanese meme game newlyweds would play to see if tonight was the night.

JAM HOME MADE often does collaborations whether it’s Converse or Bape and this time, they’ve teamed up with fashion brand "Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO". The collection comes with a ring pair and a leather dog tag that has a see through leather slip where the rings can be worn two ways. The idea of this item comes from wearing one of the rings as a good luck love charm in hopes that one day one finds their significant other to gift the ring to.