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Japan|American Apparel Founder’s All New Brand: Los Angeles Apparel Arrives in Japan

Sep 19, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Dov Charney

Former CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney has created a new brand called "Los Angeles Apparel” has finally launched in Japan. Mr. Charney who established American Apparel in 1989 experienced a global rise in popularity and around 2012, many youngsters were seen with the brand’s city bag in Japan. However in 2014, Mr.Charney was dismissed as a result from the decisions from the board of directors. Later in 2016, Los Angeles Apparel was established which had many similarities with American Apparel -- simple basics such as t-shirts, long T’s, hoodies, bodysuits, and many more. This time, men's apparel will be released for a limited time at JOURNAL STANDARD Jinnan-zaka. In the future, Los Angeles Apparel to sell on its official online store and open a physical store in Japan.

Opening Hours: 11: 30 - 20: 30
Address: 1-18-2 Kanan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041
Phone: 03-5457-0700