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Paris | GUCCI's 2019 Spring and Summer Collection Presents in Paris

Jul 24, 2018.Moeko NabekuraParis, FR
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Gucci Spring and Summer 2019 collection plans to unveil at "Théâtre Le Palace" in Paris on September 24th, Sunday 9pm (local time). This will be the final chapter that pays tribute to France as the previous collections all had a constituency for the country’s history and art.

At the 2018 Pre-fall collection, Gucci produced an advertisement visual shows a resemblance of the student protests in Paris 1968. The 2019 Cruise collection fashion show was held at the ruins of Alyscamps in Arles, France.

This time, the 2019 Spring and Summer collection will only be shown in Paris. Gucci will be the first to hold a fashion show at the venue where vengeance has brought life to the subcultures at Théâtre Le Palace.