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GUCCI and Japanese Artist, Yuko Higuchi launch Japan Exclusive Items

May 24, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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On May 17th, GUCCI released a series of collaborations with Japanese artist Yuko Higuchi only in Japan. The collection includes women's handbags, accessories, and clothing. Each model is printed with Yuko Higuchi's special graphics. Her works are full of incredible fauna and unrestrained scenes, which echoes with GUCCI's brand worldview. The pattern of the cooperative models introduced this time is based on green gardens. A pattern of rabbits and birds is painted in the center; both fanciful and mysterious. Her collaboration with GUCCI began in the spring/summer 2018 series. This is the second time Japan has introduced a limited cooperation fund. The series is available at some of the Japanese shops at GUCCI and the Japanese official website.

Japan GUCCI Official Site: