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Japan|JILL STUART Christmas Limited Edition: White Love Story

Oct 18, 2018.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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Releasing Nov.2 2018 ~Limited Edition~ JILL STUART white love story collection 7,500yen(

JILL STUART is bringing it’s 2018 happy holiday season collection in "White Love Story" and "Warm Love".
The JILL STUART White Love Story Collection is set to release on November 2. The coffre  includes a highlighting "Snowy Love Drop Face Powder" and "Snowy Love Drop Eyes" in 6 colours of eyeshadow, "Blooming Blossom Curl Lush Mascara S" and "Jelly Lip Gloss S" that comes with a limited-edition cosmetic bag. The series is based on the a winter love story in a  snowy streetscape.

An additional three new limited edition items will be released on November 16: "Twinkle Glow Multi-stick" lip balm in 2 shades, five shades of "Snowy Pastel" nail polish and one White Love Story gift box.
Releasing Nov.2 2018 ~Limited Edition~
JILL STUART twinkle glow muti-sticks 2 shades each 2,800yen(
JILL STUART snowy pastel nails 5 shades each 1,500yen(
JILL STUART present box(White love story) M 350yen(

As for the Warm Love series, three limited-edition items in body oil, hand cream and bath essence will be available also starting November 16. The crisp white floral scent brings warmth to the senses and also moisturizes dry skin in the coming winter days.
Releasing Nov.2 2018 ~Limited Edition~
JILL STUART body milk oil 250mL 3,000yen(
JILL STUART moist silky veil handcream 30g 1,200yen(
JILL STUART bath essence S 300mL 3,000yen(