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Japan|Japanese Perfumes Creates Interesting Scents Inspired by Sumo wrestlers and Hojicha Tea

Dec 3, 2018.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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Many aspects of Japanese culture has long fascinated many, and recently Japanese perfumes have amassed a building audience. We’ve selected four ‘made in Japan’ perfume brands with a total of 17 different scents that just might make it into your next shopping trip.

(Company: Kosé)

"Vice & Virtue No. 1 Parfum" from DECORTÉ uses two fragrances: one in a rectangle and a teardrop shape that’s joined together into one unusual bottle design. The way you apply the perfume is by simply dabbing it out of the bottle with your fingers onto the neck and wrist. The scent is inspired by the two sides of a woman that contradicts; sexy, sensual while the other is airy, clean, and fresh. Like a second skin, it closely adheres to mix with the body’s pheromones that leaves a lasting mystic around the wearer.

「Flora Notis JILL STUART」
(Company: Kosé)

Flora Notis is an all new lifestyle brand created by JILL STUART. The current range features six fragrance in perfumes, lotions, body oil, hand cream, lip balms, room spray, and many more. With its elegant packaged design and floral fragrance, it’s bound to entice those who are into the scent of lying in a fresh flower bed. All six fragrances are named after flowers and each have their own complex personality.

『Floral Green』
The bitter accents of fresh grapefruit and sweet cassis topped off with a spare mint gives this scent an overall balanced and fresh feel. The top notes smells of the woodlands, and later dries into jasmine and magnolia. It has a warm woody scent that lingers, as if you’re basking in the sun rays on a winter day.

『White Rose』
The White Rose has a green apple and mandarin scent that gradually builds up to the actual aroma of white roses with a hint of magnolia in a sandalwood base.

『Cherry Blossom』
The composition starts out with the sweetness of the lychee and guava. The fruitiness transforms into a peach flower and lilac scent that works its way down to an amber and musk finish.

『Fresh Peony』
Described as a deep floral-woody fragrance, the freesia and jasmine smells divinely of freshly picked flowers that rounds off into a warm vetiver.

『French Rose』
The French Rose has a sensual yet innocent aroma that accents a women’s charms. Top notes consists of hyacinth, cassis, violet, rose, geranium, gardenia, ending with musk and amber.

『Rich Camellia』
Of all six fragrances, Rich Camellia has an overall sensual, breathy scent. The notes of mandarin and orange leading in to the rose, ylang-ylang and lily of the valley gives it depth. It lands on a musk base that’s cozy and relaxing.

「R fragrance」
(Company: R fragrance)

R fragrance was established in 2017 by Japanese perfumer Murai Chihiro, who launched a total of five scents. This time, 4 of them will be introduced. From the naming to the selections of materials, it’s a fragrance that has a high affinity with Japanese culture in a quality bottle.

Black Oud is inspired by Japanese zen philosophical aesthetics, wabisabi. A word that is centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfections. Its fragrance expresses the ideology unique to Japan, using the flowing brush strokes of sumi ink paintings as its imagery in an elegant and rigid blend using Agarwood.

Shunran (aka noble orchid) grows wildly in the valleys untainted by human activities throughout Japan. These petit flowers take many years to grow transcending elegance, delicateness, and purity. This scent will transport the wearer to the place where the noble orchids blooms near the ancient streams in the valley.

During the Meiji era, Japan had an influx in Western culture, and black tea is one of the many things brought into the reform. The smell of "tea break" makes you feel as if you’re in a posh parlour having English high tea.

Opal silk is a perfume made to work with the skin, inspired by the ivory smoothness of silk. Frankincense as one of it’s ingredients in the bottle use to have the same value as gold during the in the first century when it was imported to Japan through the Silk Road. It was called Kunkou during the Heian period, oftenly used by the nobles. Those who seek a scent that brings solace and peace from within can feel it’s healing embrace.

(Company: LUZ Limited)

J - Scent, also produced and manufactured in Japan, takes its source of inspiration naming from Japanese culture. There are 16 kinds of fragrance in total and six have made it into our list. I was pleasantly surprised with the unexpectedness. I can’t get enough of their fresh take on fragrances and even it’s sweetness makes you wished to be embraced. People who usually don’t use perfumes will be converted.

「Roasted Green Tea」
Literally the aroma of premium Hojicha roasted tea leaves when brewed. It’s comforting scent is complex with top notes of coconut, peanut, laver with hints of jasmine, mint, winter green iris, and spicy end of cedarwood, vanilla, and clover.

「Hanamachi (Geisha District)」
Inspired by the sensual and flamboyant atmosphere of the Hanamachi. Iris adds a powdery note to an alluring bouquet of roses and violets with a blend of agarwood transports one back into the decadent past.

「Rakugan(Japanese Colourful Confectionary)」
The scent that reminds you of Japanese traditional fine confectionery. The flavor of Rakugan resembles the mellowness of brown sugar with a clean aftertaste that’s light and elegant. It’s got apricot, apple, strawberry with middle notes of maple, rose, that ends with a balsamic-like vanilla, tonka beans, cedar wood, iris finish.

「Yawahada (Soft skin)」
A sensual scent that uses Yasunari Kawabataʼs novel, "The House of the Sleeping Beauties" as its motif. Refreshing notes of fruit appeals to the nose then comes the soft sweetness of milk and rice powder. The smooth aroma of sandalwood and musk warms the body that lulls you into a dreamy state.

This bottle here is the epitome of sophistication and exotic . When the refreshing scent of orange peels combines with cinnamon spice, a slight sweetness arises giving a smokey flavour. Blending it with woody amber gives it a modern and elegant finish, creating a rather mysterious allure.

「Sumo Wrestler」
This is one unconventional name and scent. It comes from the bintsuke (hair oil) used by sumo wrestlers to style their updos combined with a hint of aroma incense. Reflecting the power and grace of the wrestlers, eucalyptus and anise give this perfume an added spiciness and the notes of violet and heliotrope flowers creates a powdery scent, characteristic of the bintsuke. Musk, patchouli and sandalwood arrive on the last notes.