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Japan|Japanese Version of SK-II's Chinese Promotional Video Releases

Mar 8, 2019.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Japanese skincare brand SK-II sparked conversation with its Chinese promotional video "Meet Me Halfway", which exceeded 18 million views on the first day it was released. A Japanese version now has been recently published. Broaching on the topic of the pressures on the prospect of marriage, the documentary follows real-life stories of three young Chinese women. In China, avoiding returning home during the Spring Festival has become a growing phenomenon among single women who are under marriage pressures from their parents. They are struggling with the dilemma of chasing their own dreams, while having to live up to their parents' expectations about marriage.

The three ladies in the video invited their parents on a journey to meet each other "halfway". Seeking mutual understanding, they expressed their own thoughts with consideration of their parents' opinions and finally, coming to an understanding. By meeting each other "halfway", both literally and figuratively, they began to see their parents in a different angle and realize that their parents were acting this way as their way of expressing their love and care.

Global SK-II CEO, Sandeep Seth comments, “We hope the stories of these three brave women can inspire other women to take the first step, start a conversation with their families about marriage pressure and in the process, empower them to live life on their own terms and shape their own destinies.”