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Kyoto|Lifestyle shop "Nittodo" Opens in Kyoto

Sep 27, 2018.Manabu TakamuraKyoto, JP
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Nitoms Co. Ltd. known for its adhesive tape cleaner roll "ColoColo", opened lifestyle shop "Nittodo" based on state of the arts in Japanese technology in Higashiyama, Kyoto on September 26. The wooden 2 storey building has a history of 40 years and was polished to make way for 4 different brands of lifestyle products displayed on the first floor along with coffee stand "KYOTO COFFEE". The 2nd floor named Bian, in Japanese means beautiful retreat provides a space for visitors to lounge while drinking coffee.

Mr. Manabu Mizuno of good design company is in charge of the store’s creative direction, while Mr. Takeo Okuma of CLASKA Gallery & Shop, "DO" is in charge of the products selected, and KYOTO COFFEE is supervised by food producer, Mr. Hirozumi Ogawa. The interior design is created by LINE-INC.

Kyoto is the leading tourist destination in Japan where more than 55 million tourists visit for the three consecutive years. Many foreign tourists visited the opening and president Futoshi Tanaka says, "I have made daily necessities and living tools in my life, but I want people around the world to know the characteristics of Japanese culture, therefore, Kyoto was the perfect location. "

■ Nittodo
Address: 385-4 Yasakakamimachi,Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto
Phone: 075-525-8115
Hours: 10:00 -18:00