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Japan|New Lip Products You Need to Try for Spring 2019 Part 1: Shiro and Bobbi Brown

Feb 18, 2019.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Ginger Lip Butter 3800 yen (


Shiro renewed their bestsellers "GINGER LIP BUTTER" (16 colors, 3800 yen + tax) colour lineup and formula dropping in stores on March 7. Coming in two different finishes in powdery matte and tinted gloss, layer them with your colour of choice or texture to give the lips depth and dimension. The matte texture is pigmented, lightweight and prevents unwanted cracked lips. The gloss type is not only monochromed, but formulated to stay put  even when overlapped with multiple colours with a high adhesion. Another plus is ginger essence that has been blended to plump the lips.

Essence Lip Butter / Essence Lip Oil 3200 yen (

Also releasing on the same day are two lip essence treatments. The daytime ESSENCE LIP BUTTER (2 types, 2,200 yen + tax)  has a thick texture, and a subtle undertone that corrects the lip’s shade for an enhanced natural flush. The light scent of rose bouquet is created from a mix of different essential oils. The night time ESSENCE LIP OIL (1 type, 3200 yen + tax) has a lightweight texture with a soothing yuzu scent that moisturizes the lips while you’re asleep. They’re both versatile and are best used when combined to provide healthy, satiny lips day and night.

Crushed Liquid Lip 3,500 yen (


BOBBI BROWN released their "CRUSHED LIQUID LIP" (14 colours, 3500 yen + tax) on Feb. 8 that combines the essentials functioning as a liquid lipstick with the comforts of a lip balm and gloss finish. The formula envelops the lips covering lip wrinkles and was created from a gathering of superfruit extracts such as cranberry, blueberry that offers moisturizing full-coverage pigments instantly and overtime. The compact size fits nicely in almost any carry ons.