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Japan|Review on Japan's Latest Facial-Lifting Technology from “Ya-man”

Jan 29, 2019.Xueqing DingTokyo,JP
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Ya-man's new facelift technology, “the Medilift” is a ‘black band’ that uses EMS currents to pulse the facial muscles to achieve a slimmer facial line for 10 minutes everyday. From here on out I’ll be sharing a review of this peculiar mask.

Medilift can be worn on the face after applying with toner or gel formula skincare products. The principle of this face-lifting device is the electric currents which stimulates the muscles and relieves the tension in the masseter muscles, thus achieving the effect of face-lifting and toning. For this review, I used the gel product specially developed for this face-lifting instrument: the “Facial Gel Moisturizer for Toning and Firming”. Wearing the mask and selecting the intensity, you can feel your muscles twitching. There will be some resistance at first, but after 1 to 2 minutes, you get used to it.

A weak current flows through the masseter muscles of the face, and there is a tightness that is both a little numb and itchy. After 10 minutes of wearing, the machine automatically shuts by itself releasing the tensions feeling refreshed like after a workout. During my experimental period, I wore  it before going to bed and the next morning I felt that the previous facial swelling is no longer so obvious. This instrument is very suitable for those working in front of the computer screens all day as the facial muscles are stiff due to the lack of expressions and interactions with people.

After 10 days of continuous use, the biggest feeling for this instrument is that it’s convenient. If I compared to other facial beauty devices such as the rollers, this is definitely easier. The EMS currents that are transmitted targets the masseter muscles to reduce and relax the jaw lines for a sharp couture shape. After 10 minutes of wearing, it feels like you’ve done yoga on your face, if that makes sense, relieving tension on your facial muscles. It’s stimulating and soothing even though the initial reactions feels a little numbing. Have I managed to convince anyone willing to try this?