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Global|SOFINA iP Essence Renewed Formula

Jul 25, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Kao Corporation is renewing its face essence "SOFINA iP" that will be released on September 11th as "SOFINA iP Base Care Essence". "SOFINA iP", which came out in 2015, has been selected for the global strategic brand, "G11" of the Kao cosmetics business.

The essence is listed as No. 1 sold in the domestic beauty care market and is particularly popular amongst office ladies. The new formula created from carbonated bubbles is microscopically made smaller than the size of skin pores which acts quickly in penetrating deep into the stratum corneum layer. It’s original technology,"iP Power prescription EX" creates a long lasting moisturizing effect that originates from the carbonated bubbles. After cleansing, lightly massaging the face with the essence will effectively give the skin a soft and firmer texture. Available also in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and will be deployed in mainland China starting September.