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Japan|"SUQQU" 2019 Spring Collection "Crepuscular Rays" Colour Test is Here!

Jan 16, 2019.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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SUQQU's new series is widely anticipated as it has been every season. I couldn’t contain my excitement for the 2019 spring makeup series "Crepuscular Rays" that’s launching on Jan. 18. Inspired by the natural phenomenon of mysterious natural light, the new collection introduces new cosmetic products such as the liquid blush and eyeliner for the first time in addition with the variety of spring-inspired colours. This time, we bring you a full-colour testing of all the new products first hand (excluding the nail polishes).

First of all, the brand's ultra-popular quad eyeshadow palette, "SUQQU DESIGNING COLOR EYES". SUQQU has always put in the effort from naming its products down to its packaging to coincide with asian beauty and artistic direction. For starteers they’ve launched two new eyeshadow quads: surrounding shades of cherry red and mint green in ‘12 Genkouakane’ and limited edition ‘124 Toukiyou’ in bright yellow and icy blue gives a bright and clean impression.

The eye shadows have a very fine pearl finish with strong pigmentation. The colour matching of the two eye shadow quads is suitable for creating a romantic spring look.

「SUQQU GLOW TOUCH EYES」3,700 yen (excl. tax) each

For “SUQQU GLOW TOUCH EYES” liquid eyeshadows, 3 new colours have been added to the lineup: ‘06 Kiramomo’, limited edition ‘104 Kibudou’ and‘105 Aitou’.

All 3 colours are in vibrant metallics, pigmented, with just the right amount of liquid consistency that doesn’t drip.

「SUQQU COLOR INK LIQUID EYELINER」3,800 yen (excl. tax) each

"SUQQU COLOR INK LIQUID EYELINER" is a completely new product. It claims to deliver smooth application, is smudge proof, and easy to remove. There are 6 shades in total: ‘01 black’, ‘02 brown’, ‘03 red’, ‘04 navy’, ‘101 green (limited)’, and ‘102 gold (limited)’.

All 6 shades can be easily incorporated daily, and the the tip of the brush gives you smooth precision. Colours ‘02 Brown’, ‘04 Navy Blue’ and ‘102 Shine Gold’ have a metallic finish.

「SUQQU SHIMMER LIQUID BLUSH」3,900 yen (excl. tax)

Another new additional product, “SUQQU SHIMMER LIQUID BLUSH” with a total of 5 shades: ‘01 Usumomokurumi’, ‘02 Tsubaimomo’, ‘03 Mitsukoushi’, ‘101 Jakuzakura (limited edition)’. The formula combines small traces of pearl shimmer and four kinds of moisturizing beauty oil extracts from jojoba, olive, macadamia, and sunflower creates an unearthly natural glow to the skin.

The five colours are perfect for spring and shade ‘101 Jakuzakura (limited edition)’ contain large traces of pearl shimmer compared to the others. All shades can be easily coordinated for daily use.

「SUQQU STAIN LIP LACQUER」3,800 yen (excl. tax) each

Lastly, the “SUQQU STAIN LIP LACQUER" new limited edition product line developed with an emphasis on vibrancy that’s lightweight and comfortable on the lips. "101 Kiniji ", "102 Urushiame", "103 Himeichigo", "104 Touhi", and "105 Hakuake".

The formula is moisturizing and as it claims, is bold in pigment. Shades "101 Kiniji " and "105 Hakuake" have an obvious pearl finishing in comparison to the others.