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Japan|Spring 2019 J-Beauty Foundations to Drop: COSME DECORTÉ, RMK

Jan 17, 2019.Xueqing DingTokyo,JP
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Cosme Decorte AQ is the top luxury line from COSME DECORTÉ has renewed their entire base makeup line and is releasing 11 products on March 16. The new line focuses on the idea of day time skin care that’s blended with AQ's skin care line beauty ingredients. The gel formula when applied creates a barrier with an immediate firming and plumping effect that works with the skin temperature. The "Skin Firming Liquid Foundation" with a total of 7 shades (each 12,000 yen + tax) fulfills the criteria for those who are looking for a lift-up that’s moisturizing and pampering. Other items such as the “Skin Firming Powder Foundation” (refills in seven shades, each 9000 yen + tax), "Day Cream" (10,000 yen + tax) that can be used as a primer, etc. with many other items that focus on skincare. AQ’s skin care line’s popular refreshing floral woody scent of the night-blooming cereus is also added in their base makeup.

RMK is releasing gel type CC cream, "RMK CC Gel Quick Glow" (SPF 12 PA + 4500 yen + tax) on March 1. This is a no brainer as it’s all in one and the colour capsule adjusts to most skin tones with a healthy finishing glow. The carefully concocted gel blends four kinds of colour capsule oils: white, red, yellow and black to find the right pigment for the skin tone variety.