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China|Wang Junkai Become the Spokesperson of Sunscreen Brand, “ANESSA”

Apr 17, 2019.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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Courtesy of ANESSA Official Weibo

On April 8, ANESSA announced on their official blog that Wang Junkai officially become their brand spokesperson. At the same time, he published an advertising video with a retweet of more than 1 million. Wang Junkai expressed how honored he was to join the brand's Weibo.

According to the sales data of ANESSA in their Tmall flagship store (April 17), the "strongest UV" that is often out of stock in Japan - "ANESSA Water Outdoor Sunscreen" has a monthly sales of more than 100,000 followed by their Water Outdoor Sunscreen Spray” has a monthly salesof more than 10,000. For sensitive skin and children's sunscreen, the  “ANESSA Sunscreen Milk” has a monthly sales of over 8,000.