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Japan|ZOZO SUIT Finally Arrives, First impressions On The Body Measuring Suit

Aug 9, 2018.Stephanie WuTokyo, JP
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Japan is one for interesting innovations. Start Today Co. Ltd.,who operates Japan’s largest fashion e-commerce, ZOZOTOWN deployed a high-tech body measuring data suit – the ZOZO SUIT. The suit’s free pre-orders started last November and after six months of nearly forgetting, the order had finally arrived. The parcel contained: a paper smartphone stand, an introductory, and of course, the black and white polka dotted suit.

I knew this bodycon was going to be a far cry from sexy. Donning the suit, our photographer agreed it was rather “avant-garde”. The relatively stretchy material seems to be accountable for most body types. The only setback I can think of is the concern for people with non-existing necks as the  dotted markers . In any case, opening the ZOZOtown app it asks for your weight, height, and gender. Following the voice instructions, I was told to place my smartphone on the included stand on a metre high flat surface and move two metres away. If your living space isn't more than that, well, tough luck. The robotic voice instructed me to rotate in a clockwise direction at every increment; first at 12 o’clock, then at 2, 4, and so forth while the camera shutters clicked away to scale my body at every angle. It would have been smooth sailing but from time to time, the instructing voice would tell me to stand closer or further. Sometimes even quitting halfway through, which could have been my fault since I have an aging cell phone. Reluctantly I had to borrow the photographer’s instead, which meant that my 18 measurements reproduced in a 3D image was forever immortalized on her phone. This whole process took me about 30 minutes.

After a few grueling attempts, my results came out and I momentarily forgot about my frustrations. It was pretty neat to see my body reconstructed, though I wasn’t too fond of how clear it outlined my silhouette; almost worse than being naked. I moved on to choosing the available custom-order pieces. The current line catered to this made-to-measure, ZOZO, contained wardrobe basics that slightly differ between men and women. For both sexes, they both have crew neck t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, slim tapered denims, skinny denims, straight denims, and oxford white collar shirts. What’s currently unavailable are female custom made business suits. In the end, I decided on the skinny denim which I thought was appropriate for the verdict. Adding it into my cart, an optional selection of increasing or decreasing the centimetres around my waist, hips, and the length of my pants were available. Users are able to adjust their sizes on their whims, however I went with no changes.

My order took almost 2 weeks to arrive and I was eager to see if the measurements have done me right. Not bad at all. The fit was almost immaculate but if I had to be nitpicky, the waistline on the jeans were a little snug giving the impression of having put on weight. You’d think after 2 weeks I might have but if my weighing machine had been lying, I’d tell you otherwise. I kind of cheated in the photo by sucking in my stomach so that you can’t tell I have a muffin top, therefore, not as convincing. Since the internet is an unforgiving place, please give your girl a break.

I’d say the ZOZO SUIT whole process could have been more pleasant but you need only do this once, depending if your weight fluctuates every so often. The final order product took 2 weeks to deliver and perhaps could improve on speed. With that being said, the concept is impressive and I look forward to future advancements where we can find the right fit without physically trying on any garments. It would have been interesting to see how the order-made business suit but for now we’ll just have to wait for a male counterpart to do a willing review. On that note, womenswear is trickier than menswear especially when it comes to fashion. Menswear in comparison to womenswear is strictly down to exact measurements while the range of womenswear is infinite, coming in all shapes. Garments only become “alive” when draped over the body. How it sits on the person will affect the look and in the end, a run of the mill dressing room seems like an easier option. There's still a lot of adjustments to be made but we’ve come a lot closer to achieving the ultimate shopping experience.