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Global|ReFa: Beauty Roller Totaling 10 million Shipments Worldwide

Aug 6, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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MTG Co. that develops Japanese beauty and wellness devices and cosmetics, announced that its facial beauty roller, ReFa has exceeded the total of 10 million shipments this month worldwide. To celebrate its success, a commemorative set is sold at selected retailers nationwide and the company is said to have already prepared many projects ahead for the future. Its main product "ReFa CARAT" is a roller that simulates the motions of professional  facial procedures in kneading and uses a weak microcurrent absorbed through the solar panel within the handle to give the skin a lifting and glowing effect. Beginning in 2009, it was sold globally and in the following year expanded on a global scale eventually given out as a Grammy Award and Academy Show Gift Lounge. Exceeding 7 million units since last year, ReFa has now expanded its range to 50 products.

The ReFa range offers 14 of its originally 50 products in Korea and is popularly known as "Lee Young Ae’s Roller", as the actress swears by this product. As of 2015, the sales on television shopping boasts an explosive breakthrough of 30 billion won (approx. US$ 26.9 million*). Selling over 10 million units, MTG Co.’s partner company, KOREATECH marketing manager states, "We will continue to add a diversified product lineup so that we can respond to individual needs."


* 1 KRW = 0.00089 USD  (as of August 6)