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Japan | World Co. Ltd. Re-listed on September 28

Aug 28, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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Major apparel maker company, WORLD Co., Ltd. will be listed again on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2005, the company was abolished from the listing according to MBO through the management of Mr. Hidezou Terai who is President and Representative Director and Chairman of the Board, will be listed again for the first time in 13 years. The listing date is scheduled on September 28 and the number of publicly-offered shares is 14.85 million both domestically and abroad. The offering price will be determined on September 18th and the purchase unit is 100 shares. Although the market to be listed is undecided at this time, it’s likely to become the same TSE when it was delisted. The lead manager Securities company is Nomura Securities.

On July 12th, the company has consolidated five stocks with one share, based on which the net income per share for the year ended March 2018 at 373.76 yen (US$ 3.36*) . Japanese listed stocks are about 10 to 15 times the average of net income per share which equals to the stock price. Considering that globally, from 3730 yen to 5606 yen (US$ 33.51~ US$50.37*) is a reasonable stock price level, however how much the public offering price is will be watched until further notice. As a recent listing of apparel related stocks, there is the Maruoca Corporation (an OEM company of UNIQLO) listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange last December. Narumiya International, known for marketing children’s and baby clothes is listed once again on the second section of TSE on September 6th. Although it’s said that apparel recession is at hand, UNIQLO related OEM company and another two re-listed companies is certainly not a negative number for a listing.

*1 JPY = USD 0.0090 (As of August 28, 2018)