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Macau CN|The Legendary Exhibition Of all Race Cars: Ferrari Under the Skin Opens in Asia

Feb 12, 2019.Eri KoizumiTokyo, JP
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Photo: Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited

Michael Schumacher who won the championship F1-2000, Ferrari 124S, along the way with Legendary on-road models and circuit machines, valuable documented sketch designs have come together under the "Ferrari: Under The Skin” exhibiting at the IR City of Dreams Macau (operated by Melco Resorts & Entertainment) in the Cotai District. As this is the first exhibition in Asia, car and mechanical design fans are gushing.

This exhibition, held in collaboration with London's Design Museum at one of the world's leading museums specialized in architecture and design. Italian luxury car maker Ferrari had the exhibit held at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and Design Museum in London, now arriving in Asia for the first time as the third location.

Exhibition brings out the joy in car manias from all over the world showing a vast variety of more than a 100 archives that tells the history of the insatiable spirit of Ferrari. Original hand-drawn sketches, the initial wooden master models, chassis, parts and everything skeletal and “under the skin” can be seen. Many of these are collections owned by individuals who for the first time are released to the public in Asia, but the gem among them is Michael Schumacher’s elaborate replica of the first Ferrari produced in 1947 and the F1 world championship in 2000 car he drove on display. This spectacular vintage collection has been selected from only the best there is to offer.

This exhibition is supervised by the London Design Museum and Maranello Ferrari Museum, with collected valuables equivalent to HK $ 2 billion (about US$ 2.5 million*) all from Ferrari bring a unique opportunity to experience. The exhibit is until June so if you like cars or are on your way to Macau at some point, be sure to mark it on your list!   

Ferrari: Under the Skin
Date: January 25 - June 16, 2019
Time: 11: 00 - 20: 00
Venue: City of Dreams
Admission fee: 80 Macau

*1 HKD = 0.127452 USD (As of Feb. 7, 2019)