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Shanghai|ZARA Concept Store Opens in Shanghai with Futuristic Vibes

Oct 4, 2018.Xueqing DingShanghai, CN
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Fast fashion brand ZARA recently opened a concept store called #WEARFUTURE in Shanghai, China. The display methods of various cutting-edge trends are quite different from those of previous stores. The fluorescent board with WEAR FUTURE is used inside and outside the store, and the exhibition area with different functions is divided by the lighting displayed. In addition to the decorations, the space no longer displays crowded items known in traditional shops, but presents a whole set of a cohesive layout that conveys the world view ZARA’s new season design. Items displayed on a metal conveyor belt showing shoes, bags, and the latest accessories was a novelty, the most distinctive feature allows guests to scan their favorite styles using the ZARA official app to send selected clothes automatically to the fitting rooms. This flagship store with a variety of innovative content is an important move for ZARA to carry out in their brick-and-mortar store reforms.

ZARA recently has been carrying out an integration of physical stores in various countries. In addition to closing a few stores that were opened for many years, ZARA has been trying to open popups, new electronic offline fitting room stores, and concept stores. In many representative stores in the city, there are new technology-based shopping methods such as software shopping and 3D fitting mirrors. In today's versatile fashion market, this megalith of a fast fashion group are shedding their traditional retail methods using technological means to attract more clients.